We Are Water Project

The Great Canadian Water Cycle

Filmmakers Jill Heinerth and Robert McClellan embark on a cross-Canada bicycle tour to support water literacy.

For the first time in history, fresh water has become a finite resource. Many experts agree that, without significant changes in water policy, wars of the 21st century may be fought, not over oil, but for control of clean water.

We Are Water is an imaginative, entertaining, and enlightening documentary, illustrating the fragile relationship between our planet’s endangered fresh water resources, and the ever increasing needs of our expanding population.

Featuring the breathtaking underwater videography of extreme explorer and technical diver, Jill Heinerth, We Are Water takes viewers right into the heart of the planet, swimming through the underground arteries that are the source of all life on earth. From deep underwater caves to the bountiful great Lakes of her ancestral home, Jill shares her fantastic expeditions on, above, and inside the planet.

We Are Water balances narrative documentary with adventure filmmaking. While educating the audience about how each of us is intertwined with our local water supplies, this film provides a glimpse at Jill’s remarkable life from a shy, young Canadian graphic artist, to the top female technical diver in the world. With an extraordinary spirit of discovery, Jill’s compelling message is to educate, inform and inspire audiences to be better caretakers of the planet.

Augmenting traditional distribution, the filmmakers have chosen to embark on a formidable presentation tour. The 48 year-old director and 56
year-old producer have decided to set out on a 7500 km bicycle tour to meet people and present their film during the summer of 2013. They will travel
unsupported, carrying everything they need, not just for presentations, but for their very survival on the four month intensive bicycling media tour.

A complementary website supports the film with additional resources, curriculum support materials for teachers and behind the scenes stories. A gallery of fine art photography by Jill Heinerth will be available for exhibit to support inspirational speaking engagements.

Jill Heinerth and Robert McClellan are available for interviews and presentations along their route and can be contacted by email at: JillHeinerth@gmail.com

Project website: WeAreWaterProject.com

Jill’s website: