Exclusive to ADVENTURES IN SCUBA…the PADI ‘MERMAID’ distinctive specialty!

Learn all about the history of Mermaids and why we see so few of them in existence today.  Man’s impact on the environment – including pollution and over-fishing – are only a couple of reasons why you don’t see many mermaids around anymore.  By helping us ensure that their environment is protected and making sure we are all aware of their needs we can increase their numbers.  JOIN the Mermaid Resurgence today!

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Becoming a MERMAID







A PADI certification card will be issued upon completion of the course BUT…everyone is welcome to participate as there is no actual scuba diving involved!

Please ask store staff about:  MERMAID Birthday Parties  /  MERMAID Private Lessons  /  MERMAID Course Dates


2019 Course Dates:

January 9th & 16th

February 4th & 11th

March 5th & 12th

April 11th & 18th

May 6th & 13th

June 18 & 25

July 23 & 30

August 14 & 28

September 17 & 24

October 21 & 28

November 13 & 20

December 9 & 16


Dates are subject to change.



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