Your dive equipment is life support equipment!

There’s more to equipment servicing than

simply swapping out parts!!



Don’t trust your critical equipment to an occasional part swapper, come into Adventures In Scuba were we service this critical equipment on a daily basis.

Our experienced and dedicated team has serviced hundreds of pieces of scuba equipment from BCD’s to Re-breathers utilizing factory level testing equipment and processes.


Regulator Tune-Up

If you’re going on a vacation or just haven’t used your equipment in a while and it’s not due for a full annual service, bring it in and we will give your system a through internal inspection, pressure testing, cleaning and recalibration.


Full Servicing

If your gear requires a little more attention or is due for annual servicing we can conduct a full regulator overhaul. This level of service is often required by major manufactures to maintain warranty and parts for life programs.




“Ask us about our annual service discount program, save money on each years service”

Regulator servicing is a preventative measure, dive safe!!!



How long will the service take?

Our policy is to complete the service or repair on your equipment within 2 weeks or better. Exceptions will be the age of your equipment and the availability of parts. We will then advise you of your options.

Emergency and urgent repairs may be subject to a surcharge. Our goal is to keep you safely diving, so we do not cut corners on servicing.


We follow a rigorous service processs600-int

A complete pre test analysis is conducted on your equipment, followed by a full servicing featuring:

  • Complete dismantling
  • Ultrasonic / warm water cleaning
  • All parts are individually inspected for corrosion, rust, damage or abnormal wear
  • Parts are replaced with high quality manufacture supplied parts
  • High pressure and low pressure seats are replaced in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Lubricated, assembled, adjusted and tested to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Final quality control tests (see below)



Quality Assurance Controlblack-sapphire

The service technician will perform a quality assurance final check. These areas include:

  • Water leaks
  • Air leaks
  • IP pressure
  • Inhalation cracking effort
  • Mouth piece integrity
  • Acceptable purge
  • Hoses condition
  • Yoke or DIN torque per factory specs
  • Computer battery check (if fitted)


After Service Tuning

Low-pressure seats may “bed in” after a few dives. This can cause free flows or suboptimal breathing performance. While rare these do occur and should this be the case we adjust all systems back to specs at no charge.


Adventures services a wide variety of brands and models



“ We love to speak to our customers”

…if you have any service questions please feel free to give us a call and ask to speak to one of our techs!


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