How long has it been since you were Scuba Diving?

With the great weather we have been experiencing, our lakes are ready and waiting for you!

Now the question is, are you ready for the lake?

When was your last dive? Was it last October or November, 6 or 7 months ago? Or were you lucky enough to get away somewhere tropical this past winter?

Did you know that for a little as $50 & gst you can participate in a Refresher Course with one of our Professional Staff? Classes are run on a weekly basis so give us a call so you can feel confident in your dive skills.

It’s time to shake the dust off of your cold water gear and make sure it is ready for your first dive of the Alberta dive season.

Having an annual service on your Regulator  is as important as your annual physical. It’s your life support system! Most manufacturer warranties require that you have a basic service annually and/or after 50 dives. They do vary by manufacturer though so check your specific brand warranty to be sure. For your own peace of mind, have one of our qualified service technicians complete a basic service on your regulator, $69 & gst. (Parts are an additional cost)

Most divers don’t give much thought to an annual service on their BCD. For as little as $33.00 & gst you can have your inflator and exhaust valves thoroughly checked for proper functioning. Inflators can be rebuilt for as little as $14 & gst for parts! Last year, at almost the end of our dive season, my inflator valve stuck open! Luckily, it was during my buddy check and the potential for a problem during the dive was averted. This was after about 60 dives so you can see why the need is there for an annual service!

Drysuit wrist and neck seals should be checked for proper fit in case you ate a bit too much turkey and pumpkin pie at Christmas or one too many chocolate eggs at Easter! Also look for tears or fraying that could lead to tears. Some seals can be replaced right here in town and others need to be sent to the manufacturer. Cost for replacements vary, depending on seal and suit type. Zippers should also be inspected, cleaned and waxed. Our service department can complete a full leak test for you for $29 and gst.

And finally, don’t forget your Visual Inspection and/or Hydro Static Testing requirements for your Cylinders. The “Vis” is required annually and the “Hydro” is required every 5 years. Our PSI Certified technicians can complete the Vis for you for as little as $24 & gst which includes an new neck oring and fill. Hydro’s are completed off site. Cost is $54 & gst and includes the Vis, neck oring and fill.

One of the most overlooked pieces of gear we use in our sport is the Cylinder Valve. Your valve should be serviced with a full rebuild completed on it every 5 years at a minimum. Use your best judgement, according to the number of dives you complete annually and have the rebuild completed more often if necessary. Cost for a full Cylinder Valve rebuild is $25 & gst plus the cost of the rebuild kit which will vary depending on the type and brand of valve. Kits range from $37 to $72 & gst.

Whatever your servicing needs, Adventures in Scuba can help you to get ready for a safe dive season! Call us at 403-299-7751 or bring your gear in for an evaluation.

Happy Diving!