In April of 1999 we celebrated the opening of ADVENTURES IN SCUBA with a black-tie gala evening…

champagne, catered food, music, a baby grand piano…

it was a wonderful night and the start of something truly amazing!

Since that time, Adventures in Scuba has established itself as a LEADER in the scuba industry

and has developed an outstanding reputation around the world.

Our commitment to EDUCATION and SAFETY has always been second to none.

We have a phenomenal group of training staff who have always shown the highest levels of professionalism and dedication with each other, with our students, with our customers, and our FAMILY.

Our desire to share our fascination of and love for the underwater realm with our students and customers

has enabled us to TRAVEL all over the world, including the South Pacific – Tahiti, Australia, Fiji, Palau;

the Caribbean – Roatan, Grand Cayman, Bonaire, Cozumel; and

our beautiful West Coast – Port Hardy, the Gulf Islands, the Sunshine Coast – to name only a few.

Our students have come to us from all over the world, as well –

from BC, Ontario, Washington, California, Texas, England, Australia, and New Zealand –

specifically to participate in our second-to-none ICE DIVING course.

And what about recreational REBREATHERS?

We have proven ourselves and our standards in this area, too!

In 21 years, we have seen so many changes in the world of scuba diving…

some really good ones, and some really bad ones;

some ideas that kept popping up time and time again, and some that we knew were just never going to fly;

but one thing has never changed – Adventures in Scuba has always been a LEADER – it has

never been afraid to try something new and has never hesitated to scrap an idea that just wasn’t working.

We have seen changes in retail, with more on-line sales; changes in education, with more e-learning courses; and changes in how people travel, with baggage restrictions and more remote location options available.

Today we are all experiencing something that will change our world forever.

COVID-19 is going to affect scuba diving – how we learn, how we travel, our equipment needs –

it’s going to create a whole NEW DIVE NORMAL.

It’s now time for ADVENTURES IN SCUBA to make a huge change.

When the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, Adventures in Scuba will not be reopening.

Are we sad about this decision?  Of course we are – this store has been our lives for 20+ years.

Is it time for us to personally make changes – to reinvest in our families; live our dive lives and

continue our own education; explore and experience just like our customers have been doing for years?

YES, it is.

Our doors will be closed, but – the training staff – the heart of the shop – will not be gone.

Once the restrictions are lifted and teaching can safely continue, you can check out a new web page –  – for updates on what some of the instructors will be getting up to,

what they will be teaching and where they will be going.

Will it be a day out at Minnie with the BBQ, a weekend in Waterton, or a Wreck Diver course on the West Coast?  Only time will tell!

ICE DIVING will continue through T4SCUBA, but rest assured, it will be the same team of chilly enthusiasts setting up the tent and cooking and line tending as always, as our team would never give that up!

Actually, the Ice Diving dates are already planned for 2021…

February 12-14 and February 26-28…so mark your calendars!

When you decide that a recreational REBREATHER is going to be your next scuba challenge, the T4SCUBA team are some of the foremost authorities in our area on the Hollis PRISM2 Rebreather.  Plan to take the course while away on a tropical vacation…there is no better to way to interact with the aquatic life!

T4SCUBA will offer PRO LEVEL courses for anyone who wants to complete their


Special arrangements for those courses have been made and remember – the faces, the commitment to safety and the exemplary standards remain the same.

Stay healthy.  Stay safe.

CHANGE is inevitable, CHANGE is how we grow.