In 1998 a small group of dive instructors had a vision…


a large, deep, warm, crystal clear pool designed specifically for scuba diving and snorkeling;


a couple of spacious, bright, airy classrooms;


a huge retail showroom that would showcase the best gear manufacturers in the business;


and a team of the most dedicated, honest, hard-working and fun loving PADI professionals you could ask for…


The doors to that vision opened in April 1999

when the premier scuba diving and snorkeling facility became a reality…




If you haven’t been in to visit us yet, come dive into the ONLY salt-water scuba diving and snorkel facility

in Alberta and make all of your underwater dreams a safe reality!

 Everything about our Dive Centre is dedicated to your safety, learning and enjoyment.

  Built BY divers FOR divers and water enthusiasts of every level and age, 

 we ensure critical skills are fully developed to maximize your underwater experiences. 

 Our passion for teaching and matching your needs with best value products and services

 ensures you get it right the first time!




ADVENTURES IN SCUBA is proud to say that over the last 20 years,

thanks to customers, students and friends we have built a family…

sometimes a little dysfunctional family, but a wonderful family non-the-less

and we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our scuba family!






The Retail Space – Bright and airy, full of items to meet all of your snorkeling and scuba diving needs!





Displays let you see and touch all of the gear!





The on-site 14′ deep POOL – our pride and joy!


new pool

The ONLY pool in Calgary built specifically for scuba diving and snorkeling!

* * *

The UNIQUE pool design and the fact that it is SALT WATER

both help to better prepare you for your diving Adventures!



 Our classroom over looks the pool and is enclosed with windows




and…our LOUNGE AREA…where you can relax, read, enjoy a coffee and

check out the TRAVEL board to start planning you next