Discover Snorkeling / Discover Skin Diving Course



This ~1 ½ hour lesson is geared for everyone 8 years of age and up who want to experience the underwater world from the surface.


Our Instructional staff will teach you techniques that make you feel comfortable in the water – while snorkeling is limited to peering down from the surface, skin divers generally enjoy making frequent surface dives to interact with aquatic life, up close and personal!  It’s a great way to explore the underwater world when you’re not able to scuba dive or if scuba diving just isn’t your thing.

The PADI Skin Diver course teaches you how to enjoy watching life below the surface and comfortably venture underwater for short visits, whether you dive in a local freshwater lake or the big blue ocean, at home or on a tropical vacation.  

The course will teach you about how to choose, adjust and use skin diving equipment; basic safety guidelines for being in and around the water; and snorkeling and skin diving techniques including checking buoyancy, surface swimming, clearing water from your snorkel and performing effortless surface dives.

This experience program is completed in our on-site pool and all we ask is that you bring your swimsuit and towel – we will take care of the rest!



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2020 Experience Dates:

Discover Snorkeling and Skin Diving courses run weekly and can also be arranged on a private basis.  


Call Adventures in Scuba @ 403-299-7751 to arrange your experience program!




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