Open Water Scuba Instructor


Are you looking for something extraordinary?

Are you looking to do something others can only dream of?  To help people transform their lives?  To open doors you didn’t even know existed? All of this, and more, awaits you as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.


The Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program is one of two distinct components of PADI’s Instructor Development Course (IDC)—the core of PADI Instructor training.

The first portion is the Assistant Instructor (AI) course followed by the Open Water Scuba Instructor program.

The OWSI program introduces you to the entire PADI System of diver education and concentrates on further developing your abilities as a professional dive educator.

The fun part about instructor training is interacting with other students while creating friendships that will continue long after the course concludes.

The challenging part of this course is your personal commitment to the training. The course requires you to complete all the self-study knowledge reviews before the course begins and to prepare daily assignments for teaching presentations daily.  Organization and dedication are key.  During the course you’ll learn how to apply the PADI system of education by presenting:  confined water teaching presentations, knowledge development presentations and open water teaching presentations.  You will attend and participate in 14 curriculum presentations such as:  Dive Industry Overview, General Standards and Procedures, Legal Responsibility and Risk Management, and individual course overviews.  You will demonstrate competence at performing dive skills and swimming and you’ll need to demonstrate competency in dive theory by passing a five-part theory exam scoring 75% on each part .

It’s about life transformations—both yours and those around you.




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IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!  Are you medically able to dive?

The purpose of the PADI Medical Statement is to find out if you should be examined by your doctor before participating in recreational diver training.

Please answer the questions contained in the PADI Medical Statement on your past or present medical history with a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ – ‘Y’ and ‘N’ are NOT acceptable answers.  If you are not sure, answer ‘YES’.

If any of these items apply to you, you MUST have the Medical Statement signed by a physician prior to participating in scuba diving.





PADI Medical Statement



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pdf-symbolGeneral Liability Release