Am I Ready for the Advanced Open Water Course?

When it comes to the Advanced Open Water Certification Course, “Advanced” is often a misnomer. Most courses are designed to bring Open Water certified divers to a higher level of proficiency where they can dive with more confidence and safety, and can begin to enjoy diving in more challenging conditions. If one or more of the following describe you or how you feel about your diving, then contact us and ask about how you can enroll in the PADIĀ Advanced Open Water Certification Course.

I am Open Water certified but I haven’t been diving for a few months and I want to improve my skills.

I could use some additional training to more precisely control my buoyancy.

I am a certified diver but sometimes I am concerned that the dives may be more than I can safely handle.

I would like to get a taste of some of the more popular specialty types of diving like deep diving, underwater navigation or night diving.

I would like to get additional training to improve my skills, but I am not sure which direction to take.

I don’t always feel like I am really on top of my diving and would like to be better prepared for the challenges of the deep.

All my diving has been in warm water with good visibility and now I am considering some cold water dives or diving in areas that might be more challenging.

I’m comfortable in clear, well-lit waters but I am nervous about low visibility.

My basic skills are good but I have problems using a compass underwater and somtimes I have difficulty navigating back to the boat or a specific point on shore.


Although the Advanced Open Water course will improve many skills and add new ones to your tool box, it’s still important to master your basic skills before enrolling in the course. This include gear assembly, entries and exits, basic buoyancy control, mask clearing and resolving underwater problems. If you haven’t been diving for a long time or if you haven’t mastered the basic skills, consider taking a Refresher course before takling the Advanced Open Water Course.

(Author and source of this article is unkown, I just came across a magazine clipping tucked away in a very old file!)

Whichever course you decide is the best for you, join us this summer for some great local diving!