What’s on your Christmas Wish List this year..?


A dive computer?  Shearwater for sure, but which one…?

The Perdix AI or maybe a Teric…

decisions, decisions….


Maybe a new regulator set…the Aqua Lung LEGEND LX Supreme…


A Scuba Pro HYDROS PRO BCD with your own personalized colour kit

would be great for travel or local diving…


What about all of the little things…

SMBs and Finger Spools,

Lights and Knives,

Reef Hooks and Tickle Sticks,


What about the basics that everyone needs…

Masks and Snorkels,

Lightweight Travel Fins,

Mesh Bags and Micro Fiber Towels


How about Sunscreen, Rash Guards and a little Jewelry….


Don’t forget the kids!

Masks for the tiniest snorkelers as well as Wetsuits and Mermaid Tales!


We know not everyone wants to go diving,

but who doesn’t want to explore the ocean – its colours, its life….

we have Snorkelling Sets for everyone and

even Snorkelling Lessons to make sure that you are 100% comfortable

in the water BEFORE your big adventure starts!


Did you know, this holiday season, Adventures in Scuba is once again working with

to Adopt a Family

for Christmas?

We have and we will gladly accept donations if you would like to be involved!


Watch our Facebook and Instagram accounts for “Staff Choices”.

Purchase any of the items our staff members have chosen

and percentage of the retail price will be donated

towards gifts for our adopted family.









What’s new in DIVE TRAVEL?

Let us help plan your next dive trip…

Want the safety and security of travelling with a group?

Then check out one of our great group dive trips here.


are you wanting to plan a fantastic getaway for just you and your dive buddy?

Maybe the whole family?


is so pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the new and improved

and can help you arrange ALL of your dive travel!










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