Dry Suit Diver



Dry Suit diving – Warm!  Toasty!  Dry! It’s the ONLY way to dive!!!

Unlike a wetsuit, a dry suit seals you off from the outside water and that keeps you warm – even in the coldest water.

When you have the right cold water scuba diving attire, dry suits let you explore more challenging dive sites and extend your dive season – you can stand up to the elements.  You are equipped to scuba dive incredible dive sites and take advantage of the generally better visibility offered by winter months in the world’s cooler regions.   Learn to safely don, dive with and doff a dry suit; get introduced to the different types of suits and undergarment options so you can make an informed decision if you decide to purchase a dry suit; learn dry suit maintenance, storage and basic repair.

2017 Course Dates:giant stride entry

Every Thursday evening at Lake Chaparral from

June 8th – October 5th


Saturdays at Waterton Lakes National Park

June 3rd, 17th

July 15th, 29th

August 12th, 26th

September 9th, 23rd, 30th

October 14th


Pool orientation session is scheduled for the Monday night prior to the dates listed above











IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!  Are you medically able to dive?

The purpose of the PADI Medical Statement is to find out if you should be examined by your doctor before participating in recreational diver training.

Please answer the questions contained in the PADI Medical Statement on your past or present medical history with a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ – ‘Y’ and ‘N’ are NOT acceptable answers.  If you are not sure, answer ‘YES’.

If any of these items apply to you, you MUST have the Medical Statement signed by a physician prior to participating in scuba diving.




Medical Questionnaire



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