Assistant Instructor



As a PADI Assistant Instructor, you not only gain additional experience as a PADI professional scuba diver, but you also start learning the PADI System of Diver Education.

You can act as an instructional scuba assistant and assume limited teaching responsibilities. It’s a great way to gain experience in order to become a scuba instructor and get mentored while gaining hands-on experience teaching students.

You will build upon your abilities to organize and supervise scuba diving activities, while concentrating on developing teaching skills. You will learn through knowledge development (self-study, quizzes, lectures and presentations); through confined water instruction (skill review, assessment, workshops and presentations); and through open water instruction (workshops, rescue assessment and candidate presentations).

Course price DOES include the prerequisite on-line learning module on the PADI web page and your IDC crew pac.


2018 Course Dates:





Call Adventures in Scuba @ 403-299-7751

for more details, possible price packages and to arrange a time to sit down with our Course Director – TERRY FORSYTH – so you can discuss your needs and goals as a PADI Professional!

Ask about special pricing for Assistant Instructor course together with the Open Water Scuba Instructor course


Special pricing for the Assistant Instructor course together with your Emergency First Responder Instructor course





IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!  Are you medically able to dive?

The purpose of the PADI Medical Statement is to find out if you should be examined by your doctor before participating in recreational diver training.

Please answer the questions contained in the PADI Medical Statement on your past or present medical history with a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ – ‘Y’ and ‘N’ are NOT acceptable answers.  If you are not sure, answer ‘YES’.

If any of these items apply to you, you MUST have the Medical Statement signed by a physician prior to participating in scuba diving.





PADI Medical Statement



pdf-symbolStandards of Safe Diving



pdf-symbolGeneral Liability Release