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Snorkeling / Skin Diving Lessons


Discover Scuba Diving experience programs


Refresher and Splash sessions


SEAL team programs





Masks, snorkels, fins & bags  –  for the ENTIRE family!



Snorkel Vests



Wetsuits, Drysuits



BCD’s,  Regulators and Computers and such!





What about surprising that special someone with a



Dive Vacation???



Indonesia  –  Cozumel  –  Bonaire  –  Grand Turk  –  Fiji  –  Grand Cayman




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ice divingWhat’s Next at Adventures in Scuba…ice diving




Saturday January 10th – 7:00 pm


come learn about different specialty course packages


that we will be running all winter long to keep you tuned up!


Refreshments will be served so please call to register

403-299-7751 or e-mail


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Every day – from around the world – divers send PADI a steady stream of correspondence complimenting PADI Dive Centers and Resorts

for outstanding customer service and commending PADI Divemasters and Instructors for their professionalism and leadership abilities.

Each month, the PADI Member Recognition Committee reviews the submissions and selects a PADI Dive Center or Resort Member

and a PADI Professional Member to be recognized on the home page of the PADI Pros’ Site.


This month, PADI congratulates the following:

 Winner: November 2014

Diver Education Center of the Month

 PADI Five Star IDC Adventures in Scuba

Alberta, Canada  –  PADI AMERICAS

 Congratulations to Adventures in Scuba and its fine staff for their excellence

in diver training and outstanding accomplishment in customer satisfaction.


Thank You to our students, customers, friends, family and staff for helping to make us

the best in the world…for November at least…

with The Dive Centre Dubai, UAE receiving honorable mention!

Sheila, John and Sheldon



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Lest-We-ForgetLest-We-ForgetJust because Remembrance Day has past does not mean we forget.


For the months of November and December 

 Adventures in Scuba is continuing to collect donations for the

Veterans Food Bank

 When you visit us at Adventures please remember to bring a

non-perishable food or cash donation with you

Thank You